O'45 Cutlery Canteen

Utility optimised by focusing on culinary functions
Storage optimised by focus on product

O'45 Crockery

Triangles and circles are made for each other

O'45 Bread Bin

Bread, board, knife: togetherness = utility harmony

O'45 Coffee caddy

Bean, ground or capsule: instantly accessible


Taking the faff out of foil and film!

O'45 Apothecary

Sugar and spice and all things nice

O'45 Chop Station

Minimum effort = maximum free time
Everything for the task in one place

O'45 Fruit Cart

Victorian pragmatics meets modern lifestyle

Design Freedom

A liberated linear form,
freed from conventional kitchen design constraints

Engineered Hardwood

A unique approach delivering a unique aesthetic:
Ancient construction techniques meets modern technology


Double and triple access cabinetry.
Uninhibited access = functionality without compromise

Unique Expression

Uninhibited access = functionality without compromise


Raising the bar on craftsmanship,
precision & durability


Available to order